Personal data protection


  • The website owned and operated by the travel agency SALINA TRAVEL LTD licenced by EOΤ and IATA since 1990 in Athens (Nikis 30 - Sintagma square). Details of the company in the \'company profile\' and \'Contact us\' .

  • Data collected on the site are the necessary in order to complete a reservation, to complete the necessary details in accordance with the law and new tax forms and to be able to contact  you when it is necessary.The elements remain in the company and in no way distributed , shared with third parties or used for purposes other than the above.

  • The and therefore the company represents it is prohibited to release details of customers travel and preserves in any way the "travel privacy".

  • Regarding the items given by a credit card, has no access to them and can not ,in any way,  store them.They are recorded only in Eurobank, which administers the payments.

  • For hotel reservations and car in which the credit card given as quarantee only and not for payment, also is not able to store any item.They are transported directly through the reservation system provider (hotel or car rental company).